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Cetacean sample

Winter 2011-12

Database about all cetacean species programmed to be sampled at the bottom of the main pages of current website.

type - web
language - PHP
database powered by - excel
sample - 86 lines of data

Name (lat - en - fr) Status Population
Balaena misticetus near threatened 10 000
master diploma project

Narval sea kayak

Fall 2011

Sea kayak based on the idea of dividing the hull in three parts to increase the numbers of combinations in order to modify characteristics according to the user's behavior, like floatability, stability, speed and handiness.

length width height
3200 mm 500 mm 180 mm

achievement - concept and prototype
choosen material - PU foam, PU fabric reinforced and cross-linked PVC foam

master diploma prototype

Narval prototype

Late summer 2011

Real size prototype handmade using medium and foam to check hull shaping, size and weight.

length width height
3200 mm 132 mm 180 mm

material - foam and medium
process - handmade

master diploma trial

Narval trial

Summer 2011

Model build on 1/3 scale for testing hull in real conditions. This is the first part of Master degree diploma project.

length width height
1200 mm 189 mm 90 mm

material - foam and medium
process - handmade

master diploma edition

Analogie ou convergence?

Summer 2011

Edition done as a theorical support, for the development of the Master project, focus on the technological transfer from the animal shape to high technology vehicles, like experimental planes, race cars and boats.

format - 250*370 mm
binding - stapling and tape
cover - 160 g/m2 white
inside paper - 80 g/m2
pages - 46
copy - 3

dsaa diploma exhibition

Diploma exhibition

May 27, 2011

Complete Superior Diploma of Applied Arts project exhibited in Karlsrhue with my school "Le Corbusier".

title country place
"Design am OberRhein" Germany Karlsruhe
asteroids samples

Asteroids samples

Winter-Spring 2010-11

Graphics generated with a sample of data which are extracted from the Named Objects of Solar System Database.

type - printed
format - A0
paper - 80 g/m2
database powered by - excel
sample - 4295 lines of data

Id Group Axis Angle
2008 EA32 Atira 0,616 Au 28,26°
dsaa diploma project

Cetacean sea kayak

Summer 2010

Sea kayak developed on the idea of a dynamic structure adapting the hull to the user, according to the previous movement research.

length width height
3000 mm 500 to 650 mm 400 to 450 mm

achievement - concept
choosen material - plywood and PVC coated layer

dsaa diploma research

Whales movement research

Spring 2010

Articulated models for movement studies realized during the last year of the Superior Diploma of Applied Arts.

length width height
300 mm 150 to 200 mm 300 mm

material - medium
process - stratoconcept
pieces manufactured - 202

dsaa bicycle saddle

Plastic bicycle saddle

Winter-Spring 2009-10

Prototype bicycle saddle made with one moulded sheet of plastic and possessing a resistant structure.

length width height
240 mm 140 mm 75 mm

material - PVC sheet 3 mm
process - vacuum forming
availables colors - 4

dsaa diploma edition

L'animalité de l'engin

Winter-Spring 2009-10

Edition done as a theoretical support, for the development of the diploma project, articulated around the link between the animal and engineered shape.

format - 250*370 mm
binding - stapling
cover - 250 g/m2 pearl white and printed layer
inside paper - 80 g/m2 cyclus and artic blue
pages - 108
copy - 3

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ceatacean database
Lissodelphis peronii (lat.) - Southern right-whale dolphin (en) - Lissodelphis austral (fr)
data deficient, population estimated at : unknown